Inside the Allround Computer Services Online Control Panel, you will find a handy tool that will allow you to get a completely new PHP framework in seconds. The Frameworks Installer tool performs the full procedure on your behalf, and thus gets rid of the necessity to obtain, embed and afterwards configure your framework before you start the enterprise. You will be ready to start your framework reliant undertaking immediately, with little effort.

Many different frameworks available

Commence your web undertaking using a framework

Using the PHP Framework Installer built into the Allround Computer Services Online Control Panel, it will be easier to integrate diverse PHP frameworks, every one of them featuring an alternative variety of capabilities and benefits: CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, and YII.

Every single PHP framework is updated to the latest stable version and its integration calls for simply no setup at all.

Various PHP frameworks available

1–click PHP framework installation

Your PHP framework is simply mouse click away

The PHP Framework Installer was created to operate on exactly the same basic principle as our App Installer – using minimal effort needed from you and Allround Computer Services’s system conducting the hard work for you. PHP frameworks are set up with simply several mouse clicks with no setup needed from you. All you need to do is specify the spot of your PHP framework. That’s it.

We have a log of the installed PHP frameworks and you can un–install each PHP framework that you don’t require with a click of the mouse.

1-click PHP framework installation

1–click backup

The best approach to back up a framework

Any time you handle significant business data, you might want to keep a backup of everything, particularly if there are tons of modifications made. Via the PHP Framework Installer, you may create a backup of your framework with simply a mouse click. The system will generate the backup file and then upload it in your personal account. We’ve not set any limit on the number of backups you could make or for the period when you’re able to make them.

Apart from the manual backups that you produce, we run automated backups for all of your websites regularly. By doing this, Allround Computer Services offers a full and also protected backup solution for all your business project data.

1-click backup